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You think all these “co⁠-⁠thingies” were born equal ?

What sets us appart?


Tailored Move-in and Move-out. We welcome you in person and take the time to explain everything needed, how the washing machine works, how the doorbell works, etc. If you don’t have time, it’s fine, we’ll adapt and make it as fast as possible.

Private Fridge and Kitchen Cupboard. We know it's fun to live with many people, but the downside of it is to share utensils and fridge, that's why we made it private. Each and everyone has its private fridge, pans and pots, cutlery and crockery. All of this inside a cupboard that can be locked with a key, so no one steals your favourite chocolate.

Private Toilet and Private Shower. Worst part in Coliving would probably be sharing your bathroom and toilet but that's not the case in our houses, most of the rooms have a private bathroom and toilet, so no hairs, no whatever left in those discreet places.


You think all these “co-thingies” were born equal? Well, think again my friend. You are about to have an epiphany. No joke.

Well, in the jungle of the “co-thingies”, there is US … the rest is the parking lot*

We have tested our accommodations with the potentially most anal retentive individuals. “Flying colors” doesn’t even come close to describing the success of the test results.

You know about the exhilarating facets of a community of like-minded people, right? Deep, excitingly involving chats, laughter, bashing, partying… well, you know…

But that, however, has its drawbacks… and in the midst of your enthusiasm, you have unconsciously put a lid on those. Well, we took care of them for you.

*This is a reference to a famous Flemish sarcastic saying: “Antwerp is the city and everything else in Belgium is the parking lot”

Coliving in Brussels

The tire tracks factor

You know, that pressing urge that requires immediate attention… you run to the toilet and as you are about to encounter that divine redemptive moment of relief…you come face to face with an array of tire tracks worthy of the busiest Michelin testing drag.

Not here my friend.

The only tracks you will come across remain personal and confidential. Unless invited, no one will ever get the honor of sitting on the throne of Your Loyal Hipness.

It’s yours and yours only.

The Houdini riddle

Friday evening.
You just came back from a run at the supermarket.
You stack the goods in the community kitchen’s cupboard: 4 cans of tuna, 5 bags of chips, 8 of your most favorite energy bars, 6 boxes of luscious Miracoli pasta.

Saturday morning.
You just came back from a run in the park.
You open the community kitchen’s cupboard: 3 cans of tuna, 3 bags of chips, 6 energy bars, 5 boxes of Miracoli pasta.

Despite your in-depth investigation and co-pals’ interrogations, the missing goods are nowhere to be found.

This is the Houdini riddle.
Houdini used to reappear.
Your stuff has vanished in thin air.

We’ve got the key to the riddle. The key that will open your own-very-personal-locked-by-you-only-unlocked-by-you-only kitchen cupboard.


The stinky-blue-hair stumper

The communal fridge is a living entity. Well, its content is literally alive.

It can periodically spawn the fiercest rivalry with the most advanced amoeba growth culture laboratory. Stuff that turns strange colors, shapeless blobs growing blue hair, slab of Munster cheese attempting an escape with a stinky wake… and an occasional Houdini stint…

Though we support biology research institutions unconditionally, we do care about your well-being even more.

We give you the means to isolate the ingredients of your own gastronomical experiments in your own-very-personal-locked-by-you-only-unlocked-by-you-only fridge.


This is what makes us stand out. We give you the ultimate blend between communal and personal living.


Well, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth