Darn! You thought you had given it all for those treacherous exams but the academic patrol caught you.
But make no mistake, it’s just that they like you so much that they want you to play the overtime.
You could see it as a curse but…


We have a message for you
You, brave heroes of a fatal Cramming Summer!

You are not alone. We are here, with you, for you.
And have we got a super beachy deal!

A house full of friends but with a private room so you can study since everyone is studying anyway

Ok, brace yourself. Ready?

● The Cramming Summer House is all yours for a full week
● Friday 3:00 PM to Friday 11:00 AM
● You bring your linens (bedsheets and towels)
● Oh yes, ahem… Call me crazy but textbooks and laptop could be useful, right?

Now, we give you:

● Luxuriously appointed quarters to strain your brains to the max, by yourself
● Common living space to relax – or go nuts – with your (in)mates
● A kitchen worthy of the wildest cookout …
● …on the beach… Ok, it’s only a garden but don’t push your luck, alright?
And all this, guys, for a mere €250. Try to beat that. Ha!
What, you haven’t booked yet? Sheesh!