Living in Brussels

Ready For a Beer Bar-Hop in Brussels ?


If there is something uncountable in Brussels,well, it will be the beer bars and their variety.

There is something for everyone, every taste, every style. I’ll try to bring a semblance of order to it. Let’s start with this – very – limited selection:

Belgian Beer Rules

And don’t tell me you are not aware of the dominance of Belgian beer in the world. This is a simple fact and those places will prove it to you:

  • Moeder Lambic OriginalThis is a fairly recent beer mecca in Ixelles. With a whopping 400 beers, the Lambic has a quality beer to suit anyone’s taste.

Rue de Savoie 68, 1060 Brussels – +32 2 544 16 99

  • A La Mort Subite:If it’s nostalgia you seek, you’ve come to the right address at this 1928 establishment. Its walls are plastered with yellowed photographs; its wooden booths are creaky. The Mort Subite Gueuze, in particular, is a must-try.

7, Rue aux Herbes Potagères 1000 Brussels – +32 2 513 13 18

  • Bier Circus: Everything about Bier Circus screams beer, from its bottle cap art to its beer-tinted dishes. Bier Circus has made a pledge to serve every single beer in its accompanying glass.

Bier Circus, Rue de l’Enseignement 57, 1000 Brussels – +32 2 218 00 34 

  • Au Daringman: Watering hole of choice for Brussels’ artists and anarchists. Au Daringman is the epitome of the brown bar or ‘bruin café’, an authentic pub that doesn’t care about fading trends, attracting the most bohemian crowd possible

17 Rue de Flandre, 1000 Brussels +32 2 512 43 23

  • Delirium Café: The pink elephants you see after a few too many beers might actually be there: they’re all over the interior of Delirium Café. This unique bar offers over 3,000 kinds of beer, the record holder of most beers available commercially worldwide,

4 Impasse de la Fidélité 1000 Brussels – +32 2 514 44 34

  • Brussels Beer Project: An ambitious and daring project. Since 2013 BBP has brewed new, modern, dusted beer in a responsible manner. The brews are temporary and change every month. Serious. From Brussels to Tokyo and a stop in Paris.

BBP Dansaert: 188 Antoine Dansaert – 1000 Brussels

          BBP Bailli: Rue du Bailli 1A – 100 Brussels

  • La Fleur en Papier Doré: For lovers of literary or Surrealist art, this is a place not to be missed. IT was the home of the Belgian bohemian class for the better part of the 20th Sitting in one of the three small rooms, one can almost feel the intense conversations on art or politics that would have taken place over clouds of cigarette smoke and numerous glasses of Gueuze.

55 Rue des Alexiens 1000 Brussels

Find Your Local

It’s a tad frustrating to put an end to this – very short – list. I do, however, believe that during your stay here, you will discover your own small beer joints tucked into some nook of the city and never far from one of CO-HOMING’s houses.

Don’t forget to tell the gang at the house you have chosen as your base. Better yet, give them a tour.