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A Beer Bar-Hop… Redux and a Twist

Bar-Hop in Brussels

Let’s bar-hop in Brussels! I had to wait a year to bounce back from last year’s frustration. Indeed, I had given you a mere seven beer dives and that certainly did not feel complete. Although “complete” or “exhaustive” are the impossible words when it comes down to qualifying a list of beer bars in Brussels. They are countless.

Choices, choices…

I was all excited to add new names to my very short previous list and I realized that I would be as frustrated as I was last year. So, I chose to approach that post with an angle. This list will remain focused on craft beer bars. Yes, there is a gazillion of great beer names that you can find pretty much everywhere but there is also a slew of craft beers amorously nurtured by small breweries. I picked a few bars for you, just a few… Here we go…

  • L’Amère à boire:

    With no less than three locations close to any of the Co-Homing houses, the bar(s) have one thing in mind: take you by surprise, rattle your beer cage. They have a list of more than 150 beers that come from small breweries. The exploration is bottomless.

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 1008 – 1180 Uccle
Rue du Belvédère 8 – 1050 Ixelles
Avenue Paul Dejaer 20 – 1060 Saint-Gilles

  • Dynamo – Bar à Soif:

    Dubbed by some as the best craft beer bar in Brussels, I must admit that my numerous visits there have always been rewarded by a “yet-another-revelation”…even from outside the Belgian borders.

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 130 – 1060 Saint-Gilles | +32 2 539 15 67

  • Bar à Jeux:

    Craft beer and a game … with your co-homies, huh? Well, that’s the place. But if you choose a challenging board game, you may want to stay on the “light” side … focus, focus!

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 136 – 1060 Saint-Gilles | 02 850 23 83

  • GIST:

    Strictly and only craft beer, on tap and in bottles. Vinyl records playing in the background…and a wonderful cheese tasting experience, here, a stone throw from Grand Place.

Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés 30 – 1000 Brussels | +32 479 12 08 94

  • Brasserie de la Senne :

    This a full fledged brewery that stands at the origin of the “new wave” of craft beers in Brussels. After a guided tour of the brewery, make a stop at the bar for a tasting and hit the shop before you leave. A special mention to the design of the bottle labels.

Drève Anna Bosch 19-21 – 1000 Brussels | +32 2 465 07 51

  • L’Ermitage :

    This is an independent bar that prides itself in getting each of their craft beers within a 2km radius from their location. The waiters will be delighted to guide through the maze of their beer list. A super cool pizza choice to boot.

Rue de Moscou 34 – 1060 Saint-Gilles | +32 2 732 32 68

  • Brewdog :

    Yes, I dare! Since I did not know how to end that – rather short – list, I feel like committing heresy. And yes, Brewdog is a Scottish brewery. Yikes! It can be construed as the sinnest of the sins but it’s in Brussels, it’s beer and it’s crafted. Am I forgiven? Hint: this brewery has created the strongest beer in the world. Nope, I won’t give you the name. Go find it yourself! Ha!

Putterie 20 – 1000 Brussels | +32 2 513 63 55

Next time, we will widen the exploration…

Why not embark on a tour of Trappist and Abbey beers with your co-homies, huh? I’ll start with telling you what the difference is. Because there is a difference … no, not now … next time. Start with the city and I’ll be back soon.

Cheers, guys!