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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions



Can I register the Co-Homing address as my legal residency?

Yes, you are allowed to register it as your legal residency. Please bring your contract to the city hall.

Should I give my housemates name at the registration?

No, your private room is your “legal residence” so you should give your room number as well.

How does the city hall know I actually live there?

Either you tell them that your name is on the bell, which most of the time will be enough, or you can order a nameplate for 25€.

Can friends or family stay with me?

The bills are calculated for one person plus for liability reasons you are not allowed to. However, reach out to us anytime.

Rental rules

Are pets allowed?


Who are you?

We’re a small team of 4 people in charge of the organisation in all houses : Deborah, Thomas, Lisa et Marwa 😊

May I smoke in Co-Homing house?

No, it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the building, however you can smoke in the garden/courtyard.

May I receive mail or parcels?

Of course, it’s your home 😊


How does the washing machine work?

With tokens.

  • 1 token = 1 machine
  • 1 token = 2€
  • 1 token = 2h30
Where can I find the tokens?

You can send us an email, we’ll drop them within a week.

Where can I find the wifi password?

You can find it on the penultimate page of your contract or you can ask your new Co-Homies 😊

Where can I find a vacuum cleaner and/or a mop?

Explore the house and look on the floors, below the staircase, aso… Everything outside your private space is shared.

May I transfer my fridge to my room?


What is forbidden inside the Co-Homing houses?
  • Smoking inside
  • Not cleaning after yourself
  • Being rude to your Co-Homies
  • Listening to Ed Sheeran
  • Leaving your stuff in the common areas
  • Being disrespectful towards the Co-Homing staff
  • Living as a couple in your room
  • Not respecting the premises
  • Having a pet.
What is allowed inside the Co-Homing houses?

Group activities are welcomed, if you feel like spending all your time with your Co-Homies, we support that. If you don’t feel like meddling in and prefer minding your own business, that’s up to you as well. No pressure, come as you are. 

What do I do if all common pans and pots are dirty?

We’re sorry about it, unfortunately the only thing we can do is send an email reminding everyone that they need to clean after themselves.
Co-living is an experience that will help you grow as a person; a cleaning issue can be solved easily through communication between Co-Homies.

Can Co-Homing have the house cleaned twice a week?

No, but we advise you to get organized together to keep the house as clean as possible. Co-Homies. How about 1 floor clean 1 common room ? Rotating chores between yourselves? Tiny wheel ?

What do I do if I lose my key?

Please send us an email so we know that we must open your room and give you a new key. We will try to do it as fast as possible. Please also mind that the price of a new key is 125€. So be careful with your key! 😊  

What do I do if I break something?

Please let us know and we will find a way to fix it. For real, tell us because if you don’t, we will find out and we will charge all of the house…

The music is too loud, my Co-Homies are having a party and I can’t sleep/work/rest

If it’s too loud, tell them. If they don’t lower the sound, tell us.

I have an issue with one / a group of tenant(s)

Please send us an email, let us know. We do not tolerate discrimination or abuse in any case, so whatever it is, let us know, we will intervene.

How to open the front door?

With your keys, the doorlock is below the ringbell.


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