Nesting, by yourself or joining the gang, at will.

Here you are, back home, after a bustling day, full of events.

Now, you have a choice.

You retreat in your private quarters and muse about the day. What you have learned, what you have achieved, what’s bugging you … by yourself, with your most inner thoughts.


You rush to the communal living room because there is this “thing” you must absolutely share with your companions. Whether you need to share the excitement or debate a hot topic, you will find an ear somewhere … in the living room or, most probably, in the kitchen, the hub of any house.

In any case, the choice is yours.


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The creative architectural design of each of our properties is the chief success of our concept.

Your private quarters are actually private.

Your bedroom is equipped with all you need to revel in your new digs: bedding, sitting, wardrobe, desk … and your very own, private, bathroom and toilet. Your toothbrush might feel lonely but we know how critical that privacy can be.

As for the less private areas, let’s make a stop in the kitchen.


The kitchen is a complex area.

Indeed, we all know that it is the most important communal area in the house. This is where the world has been reshaped thousands of times over.

But, is there anything more painful and irritating than discovering that “some” gourmet fingers have been probing that vegan bolognese sauce you had painstakingly prepared for yourself?

Well that’s why, in our concept, we call the kitchen a communal area rather than a common area.

Indeed we give you your own private, locked, cupboard and fridge.

Mission accomplished.


Let’s go on and move to the common areas.

The living room. This is the place where options are available to all: relaxing, reading a book while sitting on a plush sofa, playing a killer Pictionary with the whole household, fighting over the decision of the referee of that football game you are watching on TV or organizing next weekend’s pub quiz. Well, all the little pleasures of living together…


Outdoors. Let’s not forget that most of our houses give you some outdoor space, the perfect spot for celebrating the end of a hard week around a cold beer, a cocktail … while making plans for the weekend … well, bliss.

As for location, all our houses are located in a strategic area, whichever the reason you have chosen Brussels as your next hometown is.



You think all these “co-thingies” were born equal?

Well, think again my friend. You are about to have an epiphany. No joke.

Private bathroom, Private toilet and Private cupboard in the kitchen with cutlery and crockery.

This is what makes us stand out. We give you the ultimate blend between communal and personal living.

Still unsure? Questions?
Well, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.