Co-living stories

First time in Schaerbeek !


This year we’ve been on a roll with no less then 5 new buildings. It’s been challenging, stressful, but also very rewarding, and yet here we are again: a new house! Our 5th house over 6 months time. It’s a first in the Schaerbeek neighbourhood but we’re already sure of it, it’s going to be AMAZING!

For this house presentation, we’re going to do it differently than we usually do. Let’s do a virtual tour.

Imagine you are standing in front if this big red bricks building, you are reaching out and opening the front door. It opens onto an art-déco staircase, wooden walls, brass handrail, you walk up the stairs to the first floor. The first door on your left opens and you peek through it, it’s a room. There is a double bed in the wall facing the door, there’s a desk corner, a big wardrobe and oh wow, an en suite bathroom and toilet that you can see through the open door. The light is flooding in the room, maybe it is your new bedroom? But wait a minute, let’s discover a bit more, the next door leads to the kitchen, the room is in the shape of an L. Cabinets are lining up the walls, you open one of them and you see that there is a fridge inside. oh!  and cutlery! oh! and crockery! You open the cabinet next to it and you find the same items in it as well… Oh okay, there is one cabinet filled with fridge, cutlery and crockery for each tenant. The cooking island is facing the window, you walk past it and arrive in the dining area, ten seats around a long rectangle wooden table. “Oh ten tenants, it’s gonna be a fun house” you think to yourself. The tv area is in the opposite side of the table with two huge comfy couches facing a tv. You sit in one of those couches and imagine an evening with your Co-Homies, filled with laughters, good food and drinks! Standing up, you walk up to the glass door, you see through it, oh a courtyard with barbecue and wait… are these planters over there? Maybe you are considering planting flowers or even vegetables, why not?

Back in the staircase, let’s walk up to level 2. You are standing on the landing, the stairwell is behind you. In front of you, four doors… which one are you going to open? The first on your left opens onto a similar room to level one, the walls are just in a different colour. Then you open door 2, you walk in … You see one door at the end of the wall on your left, you open it, oh okay it’s the bathroom, you exit, you are now facing the big room, entrance door on your right, window on your left and also a walk-in closet.  “how cool is that you think” maybe you will book this one room? The room is equipped as the two previous ones the wall this one time is paint in a shade of blue. Yeah definitely a great room. You exit the room and go straight to the door next to this one, you open it, oh okay it’s a bathroom again, probably the bathroom of the last room behind the last door? Let’s find out. You open the last door and this one room is a bit smaller, but so bright and so cozy. In front of you, you can see a bed, a desk is on your right and the big wardrobe is on your left. So colourful as well, this really feels like home, maybe you will settle in here. It could be nice, and cozy, and the fact that the bathroom is not in the room does not bother you, it’s just one meter away.

Okay let’s explore the next floor… Back in the same disposition, you open the first door, okay same type of room that the first room you saw, but a different colour for the wall, again? Maybe this colour suits you best, so you’ll go for this room ? The next door, is similar to the room type two you saw, but no walk-in closet? “Oh fine”, you think, as you see a big wardrobe with all the space needed to put in all your stuff, “never mind the walk in closet”. The last two doors are the same as the floor below, wall are painted a different colour but yeah, you get it. Let’s try and explore the last floor, shall we?

You are standing on the landing and there are this time three doors in front of you, this one time all are open. You walk in the first room, wow the ceiling is so high, below the roof, with apparent wooden structure. On your right, there is a en suite bathroom and toilet. The room is equipped just like the others, it’s comfortable as well, you think this would be a good room to settle as well.. The two following rooms are similar, except for the colours of the walls that are different.

You go down the stairs, back to the entrance of the house, still wondering what room you will choose, then you notice that there is an level under the first floor, it’s not a real basement but like semi-basement… Okay let’s explore this part as well. You walk down the stairs, on your left you see a room with a billiard table and a coworking space, how nice is that, you think to yourself. On your left, a gym? In a house? Okay, now you are really in for this house! You walk up the stairs again, reach for the door knob, open the door and exit. You close the door behind you, knowing very well that you will come back and book one of those amazing room sooner or later…

Back to reality, book this room sooner than later, there will not be enough for everyone !

Or you can contact us and book a real life tour, to see if it compares to your virtual tour?

Either way, we’re looking forward to meet you and to have you as a tenant!