Yup, Winter is coming and probably colder than ever!

With the current energy crisis, we thought it would be nice to remind everyone of a few simple tips to save energy!

1.   In winter, close the curtains and shutters when the sun is down;

2.   In winter, remove the dust from the convectors;

3.   Every day, ventilate well by opening the windows wide for 2×15 minutes. Turn off the heating while windows are open;

4.   Turn off the light when you leave the rooms;

5.   Turn off your electrical appliances (TV, DVD, stereo, computer…), press the button on the appliance, or unplug it;

6.   Put the lid on your pots and pans when you cook;

7.   Every 3 months, Defrost your fridge and/or freezer: remove the plug and open the door wide so that all the frost melts;

8.   To save water, turn off the faucet while washing dishes;

9.   For your laundry, use short programs at low temperature: 30°C is enough most of the time;

10.  Use natural drying to the dryer when possible. It’s free and better for your laundry;

11.  Wear an indoor sweater or cardigan :  the new trend of this winter.


Here’s a playlist curated by Marwa to help you remember those tips : Winter is Co-Homing

Co-Homing Team