Alright, since I assume you have now exhausted your tasting of the 1,100 brands (or so) of beer in all those various temples, I suggest that you take a stroll by the wayside. And in case you have missed that, Belgium is the realm of surrealism, right? Well then, check those places out, Cool, certainly unusual, quirky, weird, wacky … I’ll stop right here. Look …

Forget your prejudices

Ok, let’s start with .. darn cute! Le New Chatouille: In the word “Chatouille”, there is the word “chat”, yes, “cat”. Aptly named since there are cats everywhere in this tiny café. A bunch of felines welcome you in their own digs. Needless to say, you have to love cats and keep your allergies at home. In any event, quite an experience and, oh yes, should you fall in love with any of them,you may adopt Felix!

Rue Tasson-Snel 11 1060 Brussels


Craving for a juicy burger, a bagel, some tex-mex, a milkshake perhaps? I got the answer for you: Le Balmoral. Propped up on a delightful square in Ixelles, the “Balmo” as we call it here, is a crossing between a 60s’ diner and Barbie’s house. It’s pink, Marylin, Elvis, Betty Boop, well, you get my drift, right? You know, if some of you get home sick or look for something retro-different, do give it a try.

Place George Brugmann 21 1050 Brussels


And now, for something completely different. What about stepping in an old brothel? Have you ever done this before? Known as the rendez-vous of the night owls, Goupil Le Fol is the place to have a (very) late night quiet chat. Dim light, air de chanson française, nostalgia, royalism and fruity flavors .. with a definite touch of exoticism, Ali Baba’s cave.

Rue de la Violette 22 1000 Brussels


Feeling kind of hard rock? Metal? Heavy Metal even? Le Cercueil got it. For those of you who haven’t yet mastered the French language, “Le Cercueil” means … “The Coffin”. Crazy drinks served in skulls (I recommend the crazy flaming cocktail) in a morbid atmosphere .. skeletons, black velvet drapes, scary pictures. Really, who doesn’t like spooky?

Rue des Harengs 12 1000 Brussels


Another record breaking spot. While Delirium holds the world record for its number of beers, Green Lab holds the Belgian record of the largest number of gins and that’s more than 200. You’ll get cocktails served in huuuuuuge glasses where they mix all your common ingredients, rose petals, cucumber but also, celebrating their Belgian-ness, chicory and chocolate, seriously!

Avenue Louise 520 1000 Brussels


And you know, I am on a constant lookout for strange, different places such as those. I’ll keep posted and updated on my next finds.

In the meantime … Cheers!