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Brussels’ Street Art Scene & its Integration in Coliving

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Embracing Urban Art: Brussels’ Street Art Scene & its Integration in Coliving

Brussels, known for its historic charm, chocolate, and waffles, has emerged as a vibrant hub for street art, blending the city’s cultural heritage with contemporary expressions of creativity. Amidst this colorful tapestry, Co-Homing has taken a pioneering step by collaborating with Spray Art to infuse their coliving spaces with the soul of street art.

Spray Art LogoExploring Brussels’ Street Art Scene

Brussels has embraced a modern artistic movement – street art. What once began as an underground rebellion has transformed the urban landscape into an open-air gallery. Neighborhoods like the Marolles, Matongé, and Saint-Gilles feature an eclectic mix of murals, graffiti, and stencil art, each piece narrating stories of social change, cultural diversity, and artistic expression.

Among the city’s celebrated artists, Bonom’s enigmatic animal figures stand out. His minimalist yet striking art can be found blending seamlessly into the urban landscape, invoking a sense of curiosity and wonder. Oak Oak, known for his playful installations that interact with the city’s elements, has left hidden surprises in various corners, turning mundane objects into whimsical artworks. Additionally, ROA, an internationally acclaimed Belgian artist, has made his mark with intricate depictions of wildlife on building facades, inviting viewers to contemplate the relationship between nature and urbanity.


Bonom's Artwork near Central Station

Bonom’s Artwork near Central Station (Picture all rights belong to

Artistic Integration of Street Art in Coliving

In a groundbreaking initiative, Co-Homing, a coliving company whose , has partnered with Spray Art to blur the lines between art and everyday life. The collaboration brings the vibrant spirit of street art into residential spaces, turning walls into canvases that embrace individuality and creativity.

For instance, within Co-Homing’s houses, artworks inspired by the spirit of Bonom’s minimalist yet thought-provoking style adorn the walls, creating a harmonious blend between modern living and artistic expression. In other spaces, Oak Oak’s playful installations add an element of surprise and interaction, inviting residents to discover art in unexpected places. Meanwhile, ROA’s intricate depictions of wildlife contribute to a contemplative atmosphere, fostering a connection between nature and the urban environment.


Street Impact on Community and Innovation

The infusion of street art into Co-Homing’s houses signifies a bold step towards redefining urban living. These artistic expressions serve not only as aesthetically pleasing adornments but also as catalysts for fostering a sense of community, stimulating creativity, and challenging conventional norms.

Residents are greeted by a visual symphony that breathes life into their homes, sparking inspiration and providing a unique backdrop for everyday life. Co-Homing’s embrace of street art exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation, transforming coliving spaces into dynamic, ever-evolving art galleries.

Louise Artwork in the Kitchen

Spray Art’s Window on Nature in our Kitchen at Louise House

Brussels’ street art scene, a testament to the city’s evolving identity, intertwines cultural heritage with contemporary expression. Co-Homing’s collaboration with Spray Art Company stands as an embodiment of this fusion, where urban living and artistic innovation converge.

As the city continues to evolve, initiatives like Co-Homing’s integration of street art into residential spaces serve as a testament to the transformative power of art. They illustrate how these dynamic murals don’t merely decorate walls but serve as windows into a world where art, community, and modern living harmoniously coexist.

Brussels’ streets have become a stage for artists, a canvas for expression, and a bridge between tradition and innovation. The union between Co-Homing and Spray Art is a testament to the city’s commitment to embracing art’s transformative potential, inviting everyone to be part of this captivating narrative woven into the very fabric of urban life.

Erasme House Mural in Garden

Spray Art’s exotic Mural in Erasme House


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